Top 4 Android Apps for Electricians

Make Your Smart Phone Useful on the Job

The main problem people have with extra tools, is that they take up extra space, and you have to carry them around. It becomes even more of an issue when you might not be sure what tools are required for certain jobs, running back and forth making sure you have every eventuality accounted for.

This is where the power of the smartphone rears its head, there are a plethora of simple tools that can be installed onto your phone, increasing the functionality even further. These apps are not just for matching candies, they can be useful for professionals too.

Here is a rundown of my top 4 apps for electricians.

Bubble Spirit Levels

Spirit Levels are a useful tool, as long as you have a recent smartphone then this app can largely replace any spirit level you have, apart from the times when a larger spirit level will come in handy.

Our pick is the extremely easy to use app Bubble Level, this will do everything that I generally need it for, however, if you are looking more detail than just how flat a surface is then there are plenty of more complex apps for Android and IOS available.

Source: Google Play

Electricians’ Calculators

One app that everyone never thinks to have on them in an electrician calculator,

The electrician’s calculator allows you to calculate virtually every electrical or electronic calculation you could possibly need.

There are plenty of different apps with different feels and UIs to choose from, and they nearly all work the same, using a system of menus. You navigate the menus to select the variable that you would like to have calculated, then enter the requested values into the form provided press submit that might have taken 5 minutes plus to calculate. This will allow you to calculate pretty much anything value you would need to know in your vocation as an electrician.

My top pick in this category is the ‘Mobile Electrician’ app, which is very well rounded and even includes a tool to work out the coloring bands on resistors. As an added bonus it is free, who doesn’t like free helpful apps?

A screenshot from the Mobile Electrician
A screenshot from the Mobile Electrician


Flashlights are and always will be an invaluable tool for an electrician, this remains true no matter what time of job you are working. Many times you will need to turn the mains power supply off and therefore no power for any light sources.

Obviously having a powerful light supply that you can put anywhere, and have both of your hands available, is going to be the better solution, however, not having to carry around a flashlight is just one thing you never have to forget again.

My top pick in this category is the ‘Super-Bright LED Flashlight‘ app which is free.


Distance Measurement

The final category is apps that allow you to measure distance, an app that can act as a ruler is great for distances smaller than your phone, however for larger distances, your smartphone is able to use some clever maths to measure distances great than the size of your phone, as long as your camera can focus on it.

The ‘Smart Distance Pro’ app includes three modes for different distances applying your phone’s camera, touchscreen, and some clever maths.

The Smart Ruler is simple enough, chiefly assessing distances smaller than your handset. Smart Measurement utilizes trigonometry to measure distances up to 50 m with very impressive accuracy, while the Smart Distance tool can assess distances up to 1km.

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